The Auto Barn, Inc.

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Live Dispatch 24/7

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Reliable Commercial Towing

The Auto Barn is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your commercial towing needs. We have people at our locations ready to serve you! With over 40 units ready to go at a moment's notice, we are able to have a quick, reasonable response each time. There is nothing we can't tow, recover, relocate, or winch.

Customer-Driven Service

We handle thousands of calls a month on the East coast and are able to build trust with each of the calls we receive. Our fleet is located throughout the state of Maryland, and each truck is equipped with a GPS tracking system to ensure a geographically proficient delivery.

With our highly trained dispatch call center, we are able to provide excellent customer service to ensure peace of mind for you, the customer! We work from the start of the job to finish, so call us for:

  • Snow Plowing
  • Equipment Moving
  • Heavy-Duty Towing & Recovery
  • Customer Towing for Cars & Trucks
  • Air-Cushion Recovery
  • Emergency Road Service, including Lockouts
  • Commercial Towing, including Accident Scenes
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Private Property Towing

When someone parks illegally on your property, call us for efficient private property towing. We are the solution to a variety of issues such as:

  • Trespassers
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Vehicles with No Tags
  • Vehicles with Expired Tags
  • Vehicles Parked in Your Space
  • Vehicles Blocking the Dumpsters
  • Unauthorized Handicap Parking
  • Vehicles Parked in the Yellow Curb or Fire-Lanes

Fast and Affordable

When you call us, we won't keep you waiting for long. We respond within 30 minutes and provide free and fast removal of junk cars. Other things you get for free include signs and parking permits (both custom made if you need it) in addition to flyers with parking rules and regulations listed.

Save with discounted towing and road service rates for all customers. Services include:

  • Daily Fax of All Vehicles Towed the Night Before
  • Daily Email of Pictures for All Vehicles Towed from Your Lot
  • Insurance Certificate Listing You as Additional Insured
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Tow Truck With a Forklift

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